HDSB Media Release

Trustees vote to begin Program Accommodation Review (PAR) for Burlington high schools

HDSB Media Release Thursday October 20, 2016

At their October 19, 2016 meeting, the Board of Trustees for the Halton District School Board approved a motion to initiate a Program and Accommodation Review (PAR) of Burlington secondary schools.

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Ministry Changes to School Closures

On March 26, 2015 the Ministry of Education released a revised Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline (PARG) and Community Planning & Partnerships Guideline (CPPG). School boards are expected to amend their existing Pupil Accommodation Review and Facility Partnerships policies to reflect the changes incorporated into the new PARG and CPPG before announcing any new Pupil Accommodation Reviews. The Ministry of Education expects school boards to consult with local communities prior to adopting or subsequently amending these policies. The new PARG and CPPG are effective upon release and replace previous version.

This impacts the proposed HDSB Program & Accommodation Review (PAR) of Burlington High Schools. There is a shift in emphasis toward student achievement and away from considering the impact of closing a school on the well-being of a community and it’s local economy.  Continue reading