Letter to all Burlington High School Students

open-letter-to-all-burlington-high-school-students sent today from Stuart Miller, HDSB Director of Education – HDSB_link

Alton Village Morning Traffic Changes Oct 1st


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Safe to Walk Unsupervised?

When should kids walk to school alone?

Toronto Star |  | Aug 28, 2014

What’s the right age for a child to walk to school without an adult?…

“When I grew up there were pay phones on every corner, parents were at home and the block parent program was active.”

In deciding when to let a kid walk alone, the big factor should be the child’s skills and temperament, not just age. It requires sustained attention and complex thinking to cross a street safely. The brain has to take in a lot of perceptual information — such as cars coming in different directions at various speeds — then make sense of it all and plan accordingly. Kids pay more attention to distance than to speed. They also tend to take more risks when they’re with other kids. A child should be independent enough to make safety decisions apart from the group…

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New Student Registration for Alton Village PS Aug 11-15

Alton Village Public School (3290 Steeplechase Drive, 905-332-4206) will be open during the week of Aug 11-15 to register new students starting school in September 2014. This special registration period is being offered in an attempt to minimize the disruption caused by annual class reorganizations in September.

Here is the list of documents required to register a student:

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Student Vote Oct 2014

Student Vote is the largest civic education initiative in Canada. Every Ontario school is invited to register for the Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections.

Following the 2011 federal election, Elections Canada commissioned the National Youth Survey. An independent evaluation of the Student Vote Program was conducted by Elevate Consulting and its main findings include:

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CAMH Survey Finds

TORONTOJuly 9, 2014 /CNW/ – An ongoing CAMH Youth Survey of 10,272 Ontario students in grades 7-12 conducted for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) reveals a number of significant behavioural trends …

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HLF new ED, Lesley Mansfield

The Halton Learning Foundation welcomes new executive director Lesley Mansfield

Burlington Post | Hilary Caton | Jul 3, 2014

…new executive director , Lesley Mansfield, [spoke] of her goal to double the amount of donations the HLF receives … within the next five years. The second [goal] is to raise awareness of the aid the foundation provides to the children of Halton.

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