Letter to all Burlington High School Students

open-letter-to-all-burlington-high-school-students sent today from Stuart Miller, HDSB Director of Education – HDSB_link

HDSB Media Release

Trustees vote to begin Program Accommodation Review (PAR) for Burlington high schools

HDSB Media Release Thursday October 20, 2016

At their October 19, 2016 meeting, the Board of Trustees for the Halton District School Board approved a motion to initiate a Program and Accommodation Review (PAR) of Burlington secondary schools.

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Petition to Keep Pearson HS Open

Burlington Post: Burlington mom starts online petition to save Pearson high school with files from Kathy Yanchus and Tim Whitnell

In five days, [Amy D’Souza] a Burlington mother of three has gathered 500 names on her petition to save Lester B. Pearson High School.

…To access the petition, visit https://www.change.org/p/halton-district-school-board-keep-lester-b-pearson-high-school-open-in-burlington and the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/SaveLesterBPearsonHS/ 

Central Families Mobilize to Save High School

Burlington Post: Burlington Central H.S. Parents Rallying to Save Their School by Kathy Yanchus

…A meeting Tuesday night at Wellington United Church, which included past, current and future Central High School parents, exceeded organizers’ expectations in terms of numbers.

… attendees discussed strategies as how best to plead their case to save the almost 100-year-old historic red brick building at the corner of Baldwin and Brant streets…

Burlington high schools Central, Pearson recommended for closure

Oct 4/16 Burlington Post: Burlington high schools Central, Pearson recommended for closure by Tim Whitnell

Two longtime high schools in Burlington, including the city’s oldest, are being recommended for closure, among a number of significant changes being suggested by staff of the Halton District School Board…


Burlington High Schools Program & Accommodation Review (PAR)

Below please find the Oct 5th Board Agenda and Report #16132 Program Accommodation Review.

Public session starts at 7pm in the Board Room of the J.W. Singleton Education Centre, 2050 Guelph Line, Burlington.



… From these 19 options, a preferred Option 19 (Appendix 6) was selected in which staff recommends to close Lester B. Pearson HS and Burlington Central HS, as well as redefine Dr. Frank J. Hayden SS program and boundaries. Option 19 is staff recommended in order to address:

  • Low enrolments at Lester B. Pearson HS and low-utilization at M.M. Robinson HS by closing Lester B. Pearson HS;
  • Low enrolments at Aldershot HS, under-utilization at Burlington Central HS by closing Burlington Central HS and redistributing students to Nelson HS and Aldershot HS;
  • High enrolments at Dr. Frank J. Hayden SS by redistribution of students to Robert Bateman HS and the removal of the FI program and redirecting FI students to M.M. Robinson HS;
  • Low enrolments and low-utilization at Robert Bateman HS by adding a FI program and by redistribution of students from Nelson HS and Dr. Frank J. Hayden SS.

Lester B. Pearson HS

The preferred staff option (Option 19) is to close Lester B. Pearson HS effective the end of June 2018. All students currently at Lester B. Pearson HS (including students enrolled in Late FI) can be accommodated at M.M. Robinson HS. The distance between the two schools is 1.6 km.

Closing Lester B. Pearson HS does not impact the issue of under enrolments at schools south of the QEW. The Halton DSB still has 956 available pupil places, this includes the overcapacity of Dr. Frank J. Hayden HS. Taking into account only the schools located south of the QEW, there is an availability of 1200 pupil places.

Burlington Central HS

Also, it is staff’s preferred option that Burlington Central HS be closed effective the end of June 2018. All secondary students, west of Brant St., will be redirected to Aldershot HS and secondary students east of Brant St to be redirected to Nelson HS. This recommendation does not include the redirection of Grade 7 and 8 students from the Burlington Central Elementary PS. In the event that the decision is made to close this high school school, there is a potential that a Program and Accommodation Review may be required for the elementary schools that currently feed into Burlington Central PS for Grades 7 and 8.

Dr. Frank J. Hayden SS

Dr. Frank J. Hayden SS has exceeded total capacity. Current trends indicate growth will continue until 2021. Staff recommends changing its catchment and removing the FI program. English and FI students south of Upper Middle Rd. will be redirected to Robert Bateman HS. French Immersion students residing north of Upper Middle Rd.will be redirected to M.M. Robinson HS. As a result of this recommendation Dr. Frank Hayden SS enrolments are expected to be close to OTG capacity.

Aldershot HS

The Aldershot HS catchment will be expanded east to Brant St, as a result of closing Burlington Central HS. Enrolments indicate total capacity will exceed the secondary allotment of the OTG by 2018. The Aldershot facility size is 1018 pupil places. Ten portables can be placed on the site. Should this recommendation be approved, a PAR maybe required for the elementary schools in the Aldershot community.

M.M.Robinson HS

In the staff recommendation, M.M. Robinson HS English catchment is expanded to include the current Lester B. Pearson HS catchment. The Late French Immersion program currently at Lester B. Pearson HS will be redirected to M.M. Robinson HS. Staff recommends to expand the FI catchment to include the current Dr. Frank J. Hayden SS area north of Upper Middle Rd. M.M. Robinson HS utilization is projected to increase to 100% in 2018. SC-SPED programs will remain at M.M. Robinson HS.

Nelson HS

Under Option 19, Nelson HS English catchment expands east to Brant St. The FI program at Nelson HS will be divided along Appleby Line. Students that reside west of Appleby Line will remain at Nelson HS and students that reside east of Appleby Line to be redirected to Robert Bateman HS. There is no proposed changes to the Secondary Gifted Placement. Utilization should immediately increase to close to 85% then slowly decline and stabilize at 80% capacity.

Robert Bateman HS

It is staff recommended to establish a new FI program at Robert Bateman HS. The recommended boundary will expand Robert Bateman HS catchment English and French Immersion to north of the QEW, south of Upper Middle Rd and east of Appleby Line. The International Baccalaureate program and SC-SPED program will remain as status quo. Utilization is projected to increase to 73% in 2018.

This staff recommendation is based on a programming decision to create a more opportunities in education and extra-circular activities for the students the Burlington communities.