Winterize Norton SkatePark?

With the wind, today felt like the coldest day of the fall so far in north Burlington. I took a break from canvassing to watch one of my favourite activities: kids having fun at Norton SkatePark. As I watched the kids practice with gloves and hats, I wondered how much it would cost to build a tent-like dome to weatherproof the SkatePark. Would that be enough for kids to use it year-round or would it need to be heated? Does anyone know a skateboard-loving engineer in Burlington who could advise? Maybe it’s a crazy idea, but I’d like to investigate it. What do you think?



12 thoughts on “Winterize Norton SkatePark?

  1. Hi Jennifer, it’s great to see you take an interest in Norton Skatepark. Although I don’t know how practical it would be, I’m sure the users would be ecstatic if Norton was somehow winterized. Norton Skatepark is certainly something for Burlington to be proud of, and is a facility that citizens, City Staff, and other interested parties worked many years to finally have constructed.

    The City of Burlington is to be commended for their efforts in building skateboard “spots” throughout the City. Norton is the crown jewel of our existing skateboard facilities here in Burlington, however the other skateboard spots and parks throughout the city are severely lacking in their design, construction and usability. This has been communicated by many users to City Staff over the years, during the design, construction, and post-construction process of each satellite park. Just look to the skate “features” that exist in Palladium Park in Alton for an example of a poorly-designed skateboard “spot”. If it is not designed and built correctly, people will not use it, and it ends up being a waste of taxpayers money.

    Best of luck in the Ward 6 election!

    • Thank you for your comments, Patrick. May I meet with you sometime to learn this history? I’m going to visit my daughter for 10days right after the election, but I can meet you at your convenience when I’m back. Regardless of whether I win, I would like to improve a number of things in Burlington for our youth. Please email me at so we can arrange a time to talk. Thanks!

  2. personally i don’t believe it is worth it… there are such things as indoor skateparks. for example Inflow Bike and Skatepark LTD. in Dundas. If you tried to put a dome or anything around it to keep it dry it would also have to be heated. $$$

    • I’m only a spectator. While I understand the need to keep it dry, can you tell me would it absolutely need to be heated? Couldn’t users just bundle up like they do for other winter sports? Or would that interfere with the sport?

      • Hello Jennifer . Skateboarding generates a lot of body heat to the point of not need coats , but at the same time coats and sweaters limit movement and make it harder to skate. If it was possible you would be doing a huge favour for a lot of my friends and the general public.

  3. Awesome idea. – People will say other wise, but without a doubt, the kids would thank you. – Ye there are indoor parks that are heated but I do think that if enough kids were in the dome and bundled it would still work. – Cool thinking. / Thanks for the idea.

  4. heating would not be needed, just as if you were to go tobogganing or ice skating. and having to pay anywhere from $10 to $35 at indoor parks per single session to skate over the winter along with gas/transportation costs really drains the wallet. having a winterproof tarp setup above norton will double the usage of norton and insure that the park doesnt go to waste over the snowy/rainy days. amazing idea!

  5. Just a thing to consider, if there is snow outside, and all the kids bring snow into the shelter, it may turn to ice or affect if the park is even usable to skate, not a proffesional opinion, just thought i would point this out

  6. The idea is very good, not necessarily would have to close it completely for the winter, there are some ideas like the one published on Facebook, that can work perfectly, and the cost would not be so high.
    Everything is a matter of study, and not close to the possibilities.

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