Thanks @gcouros

I’ve been having trouble sleeping and honestly @gcouros is to blame. I first heard George Couros speak at the OPSBA (Ontario Public School Board Association) conference in January 2014. He advised trustees to “own our digital footprint”. He recommended we google our name and see what we think about what comes up. George then encouraged us to create our own digital identity before others did it for us. He explained twitter in a way I had never appreciated. In a nutshell, George convinced us of the importance of trustees, senior staff, administrators, teachers, and parents modelling good digital citizenship.

So, upon arriving home, I read his blog … which led me to another blog … and another site … then twitter … then, then … you get the picture. Now there is so much to read, to think about, and to consider posting about that I can’t sleep.

Friday and Saturday I was a guest at the Peel District School Board‘s PowerUp and PIC (Parent Involvement Committee) conference featuring @gcouros  sessions. George’s presentations led me to discover even more stories that I wanted to research. There is so much to learn about social media! I honestly have not felt like this since the first day after graduating from veterinary school. I remember that day clear as a bell because it was my first day of freedom in 6 long years of study. I was free to read literature! I was free to read magazines! I was free to read anything I wanted and it didn’t have to be a textbook or the latest medical research article. My newfound freedom was exhilarating but in some ways frightening because I was now responsible for all my future education.

That’s how I feel now as I try to become technologically literate. I am inspired by the passion of @gcouros and @brian_woodland. The question remains though, should I be thanking them or cursing them when I can’t shut my thoughts off at night?!!

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